Dr. Moreno, an osteopathic doctor, discusses the natural treatment he does in his office, including ozone, herbal treatment and GAPS

Doctor Horhe Moreno
Homeopathy for lyme
DO, biodynamically trained

We’re trained to listen with our hands, I could feel it in her body.
Breathing through the mouth, the nasal area helps with your body in many aspects, I
gave her lip taping – before you go to bed you tape your lips at night. When we breathe
through our nose we get more rest. We breathe more air and the air is more warmed.
Mouth breathing will keep you in a stress response, high cortisol. She’ll be lip taping for
a long time, it’s very effective.
Did ozone therapy through a stethoscope (goes right to the nasal cavity) reduced
inflammation and got her breathing better.
Herbal antimicrobials for Lyme disease are safe, convenient, effective. I use a lot of
herbs from Nutramedix. I’m trained in Nutramedix.
Samento I’ve been using for 12-15 years.
Most common that I use are burbur (a grass from S. America- used for hundreds of
years for detoxification) and parsley. They’re friends, they’re compatible. Burbur and
parsley are amazing for opening the colon, kidney, lymphatic and liver. Those parts of
the body need to be clean and open. They are very effective in getting drainage open.
I do resonance medicine or vibration medicine.
There’s a vibrational change in a patient when you use things that are effective (ozone
therapy, …
Part of healing is the connection you have with your practitioner.
In medical literature there’s a lot of data on connections. How we really heal is when
there’s that group support. The most powerful thing for us is love, I believe.
Listening with your heart and with your mind facilitates healing. We are energetic

We are energetic beings, hug them, touch them on the back.
365 medical conditions linked to Lyme disease – link on Nutramedix website
autism, Lyme, chronic fatigue…
thebetterhealthguy.com – is a Lyme patient in the bay area. Has a lot of info on his
website, testing, etc.

12 y/o boy
OCD, anxiety and physical rage
Goes to a “school” which is a social environment not really a school
Was on 18 different powerful drugs was on 7 or 8 things when he came to (speaker) “I
see this as a failure as physicians, we really didn’t do a good part for him.” We did
ozone therapy on him. If we had done GAPS on him instead of drugs he would be a
different child. Worked on chronic inflammation and the nervous system. He never
hugged mom before and now does. He didn’t speak until the age of 3, mom stopped
wheat and dairy and he spoke.

Toxicity and detoxification are key to Lyme.

Ozone therapy Rowen Afr. J. Infect Dis (2016) 10 rapid resolution of hemorrhagic fever
(Ebola) in Sierra Leone
Ozone is a gas. It’s a super toxic O3. Microbes cannot live in the presence of ozone.
The ozone gas will help decrease inflammation. As far as I know it’ll kill off all bacteria.
It’s a phenomenal tool. Compared to a lot of treatments it’s very effective and very
inexpensive. You can’t breathe it in directly because it’ll cause bronchial spasm.

Limb bagging – put a bag over an extremity, put ozone in for infections.
Most people with systemic diseases you need IV or rectal inflammation, used with
chronic microbial infection – like Lyme – which works amazingly.
Putting ozone in your blood and giving it back to you it’s amazing.
Wearing a stethoscope with a little bit of gauze that’s wet (sometimes feel hot as it goes
in) and goes into the ears. Is a blood oxidant.

Use ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVBI)
Was a common practice in some hospitals for septicemia (a blood born infection).

If you have a client who’s not getting better – heavy metal detoxification.

Some of my patients with Lyme have this hyper sensitivity. They can feel the EMFs in
the room. Whenever I have food with MSG I go bonkers. They have some inflammatory
process that’s pushing the system. They’re super sensitive. Not an uncommon thing
with Lyme.

Had high EMF in his office had a biologist come in. Carbon-based paint from Germany,
doesn’t allow it to come in. Put a heat shield on the top so EMFs couldn’t come in. Put a
special shield on their windows.

Steve Cole, PhD, UCLA – found the highest stress is social isolation. Www.

Journal of Clinical Oncology Sept. 2013 – even after adjusting for known factors,
unmarried patients are at significantly higher risk of presentation.

When we start believing we’re not going to get better we lose hope.

We do have cellular memory. About 30% of organ transplant recipients will have a memory from the transplant donor.

A lot of Lyme patients have headache pain or back pain. Some get into imaginary pain.
They have a stress outside (social, financial, emotional) they have a physical
manifestation of that stress.

A lot of them think I’ve got to try this, I’ve got to try that to get better.
A researcher Dr. Schwartz at UCLA found a lot of people with Lyme have higher parts of
brain are higher functioning. OCD like behavior where they are over analytical where
they feel like they have to do something to get better, looking, looking, looking, where
they can’t step out of the neuropathway process. We need both of our hemispheres to
be balanced.

Lyme can have 3 different phases, one being a dormant phase where there are no
symptoms. The Indians did a study with about 22 in the study group, also a control
group. They found in the 22, all with Parkinson’s, all had Lyme. Treated for Lyme and
got better.
Sometimes they’re working on inflammatory compounds in the brain. I would consider
an antimicrobial.

People get better from Lou Gehrig’s disease when they are treated for Lyme.

Samento build up to 30-50 drops have them hold for 3 months. Sometimes need
enzymes to assist with it – great with GAPS assistance.