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The Beginner Membership

The GAPS Beginner Membership is designed for someone stepping into taking charge of their own health through properly supporting the gut microbiome, with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol. It is packed full of easy to learn information that is the basic foundation of the protocol. This is designed for the health enthusiast who is more knowledgeable in seeking health information, who seeks information to support themselves and their children, and who needs information that is not based on thoughts and opinions but instead grounded in studies and facts.
The GAPS Beginner Membership is a good place to start in your learning journey. It contains open access to you, with information available at your pace and with your allowable time. It contains a variety of forms designed for times when you want to read quietly, as well as times where you can listen to a speaker while doing dishes and cooking.
Join us today in one of the largest movements of all time – supporting the body properly so that it can repair itself, relying on healthful natural foods instead of visits to a clinician.

Advanced Membership:

The Advanced GAPS Membership is designed for the person who is seeking higher knowledge for cases of deeper damage in the microbiome. Advanced GAPS Member are usually health and wellness practitioners, those studying in the health field, and those who have been stuck in their health journey and are seeking answers. Our database is filled with research articles from peer reviewed journals, PubMed, the NIH  (National Institute of Health) and more, in easy read formats.
 It is best suited for those seeking information on their own schedule. Traditional Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Health Coaches,  Wellness Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Message Therapists, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Naturopathic Doctors, and others seeking traditional knowledge in health practices use the Advanced GAPS Membership to its fullest. The Advanced GAPS Membership includes all the information at the GAPS Beginner level, as well as much more. The Advanced GAPS Membership contains exceptional higher learning that steps outside of the conventional medical model.
The Advanced GAPS Membership removes doubt and fear in health practices, contains an exhaustive collection of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride teachings and shows the most effective methods of support through private interviews, research articles, and exclusive chats with Dr. Natasha. This collection of highly sought after information and one on one interviews is incomparable to traveling form conference to conference, a collective value of over a hundred thousand dollars.
The data contained in the Advanced GAPS Membership is not supported by big industry and is untainted. It enables you to educate yourself with facts and form our own opinion without confrontation or confusion. Step away from health crisis care mayhem and turn to fact based true support.