A few brief points that expose sugar, how it has infiltrated our food system to saturation, and what the research scientist says about why he did the work.


Sally Fallon Morrell wrote in Wise Traditions summer 2013, “Brain scans show that the brain lights up for sugar in the same way it does for cocaine.”

Howard Moskowitz, a research food scientist, discovered what is called a “bliss point” for food where food is most enjoyed with the correct amount of added sugars. When asked if there was a moral issue regarding his work he said, “There’s no moral issue for me. I did the best science I could. I was struggling to survive and didn’t have the luxury of being a moral creature.”

When the American Heart Association (AHA) recommended no more that 5 teaspoons of sugar should be consumed daily food manufacturers show up at an AHA summit in Washington DC saying, “Sugar was critical to the entire manufacturing process. To lessen the amount of sugar would jeopardize the nation’s supply of food,” Weston A. Price Foundation for Wise Traditions.