1TBSP Active Organic Milk Kefir Grains & Ebook:”Milk Kefir Unleashed” By Thomas Egbert




Our Grains have been carefully taken care of. We have obtained our grains from multiple sources over the years. This helps us offer the best possible kefir with as many different bacteria strains possible. They have never been dried or stored in the refrigerator and they are given fresh milk daily to keep them healthy, active and very well balanced.

The kefir they produce within 24 hours has a wonderful consistency. They will begin to grow very quickly as you take care of them. You may use any type of milk that is available to you. We recommend whole milk especially during the reactivation process after the shipping time. The absolute best is raw organic cow or goat milk. You will receive whole milk kefir grains and a link to download our comprehensive eBook that will teach you all things Kefir. This includes health benefits, instructions with pictures, recipes, tips and tricks to make the best tasting kefir and frequently asked questions.

Links to our video tutorial is also included!! The Kefir Grains are sealed in a food grade container that is BPA free (not a sandwich baggie like other providers use). Grains arrive fresh with little to no activation. Email support is included to make sure you have a great kefir experience. Whether it is your first time or starting up again. If anything happens to your grains during transit we will gladly ship you a new batch. Accept only the Best from Fusion Teas!


  • Live, Active Kefir Grains Feast on Grass Fed Whole Milk | Nobody Beats Our QUALITY & GUARANTEE. We Supply You With 3X’s the Amount Other Sellers Give.
  • These grains have never been dried or stored in the fridge or freezer.
  • Comprehensive eBook “Milk Kefir Unleashed” by Thomas Egbert will teach you all you need to know about Kefir including Tips, Tricks, Detailed Instructions with pictures & Recipes. We also provide video tutorials
  • Grains are Shipped in a sealed food grade BPA-free container
  • Risk Free Purchase!! Grains arrive alive and ready so little activation time is required. Guaranteed to make delicious Kefir. Your success is very important to us. Please do not hesitate contacting us. We will do anything we can to help including sending a new order if needs be.


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