Boiron, Chamomilla 30C Multi Dose Tube, 80 Count




Boiron Chamomilla 30c -Boiron Chamomilla 30c Is Used To Treat Teething Pain With Irritability. Boironchamomilla 30c Come With 16 Doses Of 5 Pellets. Boiron Offers More Than 800 Homeopathic Medicines That Are Approved By The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Of United States (Hpus). Boiron Has Selected About 80 Of The Most Popular Medicines To Be Readily Available In Most Health Food Stores And Specialized Pharmacies. The Others Can Be Special-Ordered By Your Pharmacist Or Your Health Food Department Specialist And Made Available To You In Usually Less Than 3 Days. Education & Traininghomeopathic Medicines Are Therapeutically Active Micro-Doses Of Mineral, Botanical And Biological Substances. They Are Reliable And Safe Drugs, Therefore Considered By Many As An Excellent First Choice When Self-Medicating. Homeopathy Has Been Used For More Than 200 Years, Building A Remarkable Safety Record And Generating A Great Body Of Knowledge. Today, Homeopathy Is Used By Millions Of Patients In More Than 65


  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Teething Pain with Irritability


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