Calc Phos 6X (Cellsalts #2)- Natural Remedy Prepared to Clinical Standards




Phosphate of Lime Calcarea Phosphorica (6x)Ca3(Po4)2 Malnutrition, delayed dentition, Calcium deficiency, slow learner.

1. This remedy is indicated in dark complexioned, thin, anemic persons.

2. It frequently controls anaemia

3. It is of service when dentition is delayed and child is slow in learning to walk


4. Widely used for problems related to dentition and calcium deficiency

. 5. Weakness, anorexia and greenish diarrhoea and such other problems can be effectively treated by this remedy


6. It is of service when the patient is worse in damp, cold, changeable weather and being relieved in warm, dry & summer weather.


  • Calcarea Phosphorica is Mineral salt used by the Body for many functions.
  • Most commonly used for:Malnutrition, delayed dentition, Cavities, Calcium deficiency, slow learner.
  • IS BestMade better? Absolutely! OUR cell salts are more expensive because we grind and trituate the minerals into the pellets. Other companies simply spray pellets with the diluted remedy.


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