Cooking Techniques for the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, Part II: Culturing Dairy



Using nonclinical language all readers can understand, chef, author, and teacher Monica Corrado continues to unravel the myths and misconceptions people bring to the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet. Where the first book in her series examined the important differences between meat stock and bone broth, this time the author turns the spotlight on dairy. Even if you have dairy sensitivities or allergies, this easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide will show how to successfully implement a range of nutritious cultured dairy products back into your diet. When it comes to dairy specifically, most people experience sensitivities rather than true allergies-and those in the latter category may be even more wary of GAPS. Yet there’s no need to fear. When dairy is cultured for a minimum of 24 hours, nearly all of the lactose is predigested for you, greatly reducing the chances that you’ll suffer your usual array of symptoms. And if you follow Corrado’s “Dairy Introduction Protocol” in Chapter 5, there’s no guesswork in figuring out what dairy product is safe to eat or when it’s safe to eat it. As a society, we’re only now taking our first steps toward understanding the profound implications of digestive health: improve it, and your physical and mental well-being will follow. We already know we can heal ourselves by doing something as simple as making different food choices, and now this series from Monica Corrado just shows us how easy it can be.


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