CULTURES FOR HEALTH Kombucha Starter, 1 OZ




Brew delicious organic kombucha at home and save money! Commercial kombucha sells for $3+ per bottle. Using our kombucha starter culture, brew your own kombucha for $2 per gallon or less. A kombucha starter culture consists of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship (SCOBY). When combined with sweetened tea and fermented for 7 to 30 days, the resulting kombucha beverage has a slightly carbonated zing and is packed full of B vitamins. Each box contains one dehydrated, live kombucha starter culture (also known as a SCOBY, mushroom, or mother) and 10 pH strips. Dehydrated cultures are easy to use, safe to ship, and will rehydrate in just 30 days. The culture is reusable and with proper care can be transferred from batch to batch-one is all you need! Only a few ingredients are needed: Simply add tea, sugar, vinegar, and water to get it started. The initial batch requires a 30-day culturing period; subsequent batches are ready in 7-30 days. Kombucha starter ingredients: Organic sugar, organic black tea, live active cultures. Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Allergen Information: Our Kombucha Tea Starter Culture is a gluten-free product (less than 5ppm). It is manufactured in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy. All lots are tested by an independent lab for for gluten content (below 5ppm) as well as pathogens to ensure a safe product for our customers.


  • Real kombucha you make at home!
  • Each culture (SCOBY) is reusable and can be used to brew batch-after-batch–one is all you need.
  • Make kombucha at home for less than $2 gallon.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan


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