GAPS Baby, Building Baby’s Biome


This is one of the most comprehensive, fully cited books I’ve ever seen. It covers everything I wished to know before and when I was pregnant, including what to look out for, how to support the body when, and what baby needed when. I hope that it helps you and yours, making healthier babies in the years to come.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride asked Becky Plotner, The GAPS Expert, to write the GAPS Baby book in 2017. “GAPS Baby, Building Baby’s Biome” is an enlightening guide that offers valuable insights into nurturing your baby’s gut health. The book emphasizes the significance of a healthy gut biome in a baby’s overall well-being. It outlines practical strategies for parents to build a strong foundation for their baby’s gut health, thereby enhancing their immunity, digestion, and cognitive development.


  1. Preparing for Pregnancy: The state of the mother’s health can not only affect her future baby, but her fertility as well. It describes some practical approaches to mitigate issues.
  2. Understanding Gut Health: The book explains the gut-brain connection and how a balanced gut biome positively impacts a baby’s neurological development and behavior.
  3. Breastfeeding: The book highlights the benefits of breastfeeding in establishing a diverse and robust gut microbiome. It offers guidance on lactation and nutrition to support both the baby and the mother.
  4. Introduction to Solid Foods: With a step-by-step approach, the book guides parents in introducing solid foods that are gentle on the baby’s digestive system. It emphasizes nutrient-rich options to foster optimal growth.
  5. Probiotics: The book explores the role of probiotics in promoting a healthy gut environment. It provides recommendations for incorporating these into a baby’s diet.
  6. Managing Common Issues: From colic to allergies, the book addresses common gut-related challenges that babies and toddlers might face. It offers practical solutions and dietary adjustments to alleviate these issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritize breastfeeding to establish a diverse gut microbiome.
  • Gradually introduce nutrient-rich solid foods to support digestion.
  • Consider probiotics to maintain a balanced gut environment.
  • Seek guidance for addressing common gut-related concerns.

Final Thoughts: GAPS Baby, Building Baby’s Biome serves as a valuable resource for parents seeking to enhance their baby’s health from the inside out. By following the book’s practical advice, parents can make informed choices that positively impact their baby’s lifelong well-being.

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