GAPS Family Cookbook: 100 Recipes to Nourish the Whole Family



Are you eager for your family to reap the benefits of the GAPS diet but worried about finding recipes that each family member will enjoy? This cookbook has been written and compiled especially for families and makes feeding your family GAPS-compliant meals easy and simple with its 100 delicious recipes set out in order of each stage of the GAPS diet.

Are you looking for family-friendly, GAPS-compliant recipes that mean less time spent on meal preparation because you can cook just one dish to satisfy everyone?

Do you need a GAPS-compliant cookbook with tips on how to adapt each recipe for school lunchboxes or picnics or information on how to store leftovers or adapt the recipes to suit babies?

Author Andre Parker has a very personal understanding of the difficulty of dealing with digestive health issues and the challenges of following the GAPS diet. Knowing how important it is to ensure each meal fully complies with each stage of the GAPS diet, Andre worked closely with a certified GAPS practitioner and naturopath to produce this cookbook with her guidance. Each family-friendly recipe has been approved by her so this cookbook can be used to improve the health and well-being of entire families through the GAPS diet, with the reassurance that every single recipe is 100% GAPS-compliant.

Andre Parker developed this cookbook to help busy families who are keen for some or all of its family members to benefit from the life-changing effects of the GAPS diet. He wanted to make it easier for parents by compiling quick and easy GAPS-compliant recipes that the whole family will love, which can be adjusted for all of the challenges of busy family life, such as juggling the needs of babies, packed lunches and storing leftovers. His easy-to-follow, delicious and gut-healing recipes, set out by stage, will soon set the whole family on the path to better health.

  • This cookbook will take you through each of the six introductory stages of the GAPS diet and then on to full GAPS – the whole diet is comprehensively covered
  • It includes 100 GAPS-compliant recipes in total, organized chronologically from Stage 1 through to Full GAPS – so that your family can work through the recipes at its own pace
  • Each recipe has been reviewed and approved by a certified GAPS practitioner and naturopath
  • It includes tips on adapting each recipe to provide a GAPS-friendly meal for babies
  • There are tips on how to make recipes work for lunchboxes and picnics and how to store leftovers for virtually every recipe.
  • The recipes are made with everyday ingredients – simple, delicious dishes that require minimum effort and just a trip to your local grocery store for the ingredients
  • It has a clear layout – with just one recipe set out on each page with a list of ingredients and easy-to-follow directions

GAPS Family Cookbook is the 7th book in the highly acclaimed Heal Your Gut cookbook series.

If you are searching for a 100% GAPS-compliant cookbook that is full of recipes your whole family will love, Andre Parker’s GAPS Family Cookbook is the answer you have been looking for to improve the gut-health and general well-being of your whole family using the GAPS diet.


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