Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine Holiday Gift Negative Hydrogen System by Healcity with Professional Tub Basin 10 Liners

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If the amperage remains at 0 or Current Error, then do the following:

1)Make sure the feet are in the water.
2)Make sure there is no jewelry near the wrist strap.
3)Make sure the wrist strap is adjusted fairly tightly around the wrist.(put some water or Gel on wrist where wear the wrist strap)
4)If the previous measures don’t help, the problem could be the connection of the wrist strap to the machine. Try using a small screwdriver or razor blade to adjust outwards the metal strips of the wrist strap plug to make it wider .

Before using this machine, be sure to read through the instruction manual.

How to use this Ionic Foot Detox Spa Machine?

1. Pour the water into the tub, keep the water covers your ankles. Put 0.5-0.7 Ounce salt into the water. Then mix them well.
2. Hook up the power cord to the main machine and press the switch.
3. Connect the ion array to the main machine and put the ion array into the water.
4. Connect the wrist strap to the main machine and tighten it on your wrist.(Note: Please put a drop of water at the paster of the wrist band before you tighten it)
5. Put your feet into water,press ENT to start, after you finished detoxing, press ESC, the machine will be OFF.
6. Connect the belt to the main machine and wears the belt.
7. Regulate the mode (L M H), then press the upper waist belt power button ON/OFF to begin the belt function.

Package included:

1 x Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine
1 x Foot Tub
2 x Ion Arrays
1 x Power Cord
1 x Waist Belt
1 x Fir Wrist Strap
1 x Instruction
10 x Liners

If there is any problem when you received the item, please contact us in time via amazon message. We will reply you in 12 hours and resolve the problems soon.


  • 1.An Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine System for Home Use.It includes all the items you need.
  • 2.Our Ion Foot Detox Machine is suitable for family, individual, beauty club and spa club to work as foot spa, massage tub, manicure tub, etc. It is easy to use.
  • 3.Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Foot Tub Size: 50 x 39 x 15 cm.
  • 4.AC-DC adapter: Input: AC 110 / 220 V, Output: DC 15 V , Output power: 24W. The PH test strips ASIN B077YH6VRF, arrays ASIN B077YH3499 B078HX74XJ, plastic foot bath liners ASIN B078J49GMF .
  • 5. Package includes: 1 x Ionic Detox Machine, 1 x Foot Tub, 2 x Ion Arrays, 1 x Waist Belt, 1 x Wrist Strap, 1 x Power Cord, 1 x Instruction, 10 x Tub Liners


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