Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder|Coffee Bean Grinder| Spice Grinder, Black




Freshly ground beans will brew the richest-tasting coffee. The Mr. Coffee Coffee Grinder effortlessly grinds whole coffee beans to flavorful ground coffee for the most enjoyable, satisfying coffee flavor. For the richest-tasting, most flavorful cup of coffee you can experience, grind whole coffee beans just before brewing with the Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder. This one-step grinder is so simple to use and grinds beans to perfection. Choose from a variety of settings to grind beans for every coffee drink from French Pressing to espresso. Choose coarse grounds for a French Press, Medium for drip coffee makers with flat filters, medium-fine for drip coffee machines with cone filters and super-fine for espresso drinks.


  • Customize the grounds for all your brewing methods from coarse to super-fine.
  • 4- to 12-cup capacity
  • Safety on/off switch
  • Cord length: 36″
  • Height:6.9″ x Width:3.8″ x Depth:3.8″ , Weight:1.1 lbs.


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