Organic, Raw, Vegan Coconut Water Kefir (2 Bottles)




Say goodbye to ineffective, high sugar kefirs and dormant cell capsules and hello to the ultra-effective probiotics in our organic coconut water kefir. As raw and living as a product can be, our pure coconut water kefir is naturally sweet with a light effervescence. Packed with living probiotics and the same abundance of nutrients found in coconut water; harness its life-giving potential and empower your mind, body, and spirit. Each 16oz. bottle contains 8 servings. Bottles will ship in a sustainable insulated shipper with ice packs, refrigerate upon receipt. Each 2oz. serving contains at least 15-30 billion CFUs. Counts are backed by regular testing, the results are posted on our website.


  • Coconut Water Kefir is an Organic, Unsweetened, Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy-free, Dairy-free, and Gluten-free Probiotic.
  • Fermented coconut water is an efficacious vegan alternative to dairy kefir. Coconut water kefir is lower in sugar and has higher probiotic counts.
  • Our coconut water kefir contains 15-30 billion CFUs per 2oz.
  • Ingredients: Organic young coconut water, probiotic cultures.
  • Keep Refrigerated. While we always pack and ship your order with plenty of ice to keep it cool during transit, you should plan to receive your package and refrigerate the bottles as soon as possible to avoid temperature abuse. Please track your package through transit and collect from your front step, mail room, or parcel locker upon delivery. To avoid weekend shipping delays, orders to the coasts should be placed earlier in the week.


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