Pine Bach Flower Remedy Large 30ml. Genuine Traditionally Made Essence




Those who need Pine feel a deep sense of guilt. They may have low self esteem, always thinking they could have done better and may even feel responsible for other people’s mistakes. *~*~*~* To help ease feelings of guilt. *~*~*~* Large 30ml dropper bottle, the perfect size bottle for Flower Essence Practitioners. *~*~*~* New and Sealed. *~*~*~* Made the way Dr Bach intended and Direct from the Birthplace of Bach’s Remedies in England.


  • Made to the Traditional and Trusted Methods of Dr Bach – Direct from the ‘Mother’ Tincture
  • For: Guilt / Over-conscientious / Self-blame / Unworthy
  • To help encourage feelings of: Self-forgiveness / Self-worth / (Objectivity)
  • Gentle help for emotional problems – naturally. Suitable for all ages.
  • Premium quality Bach Flower Remedy. Large bottle – perfect for Practitioners. Direct from the birthplace of Bach’s Remedies in England


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