Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna, Gray


Enjoy the health benefits of FAR infrared heat in your home with this convenient, personal sauna. Infrared heat permeates deep into your body, soothing aching joints and sore muscles. And as your sauna room heats up, your body works hard to cool itself down. The result is a calorie-burning routine that is a great compliment to any workout.
This gorgeous, personal sauna features 3 carbon heating panels that evenly distribute heat, blanketing your body with nourishing warmth. It also features a soothing, heated foot pad. Its canvas seat is perfectly designed to fit within the sauna, and is constructed with tubular steel for strength and durability.
Easy, one-minute set up makes it simply to enjoy nourishing, FAR infrared heat. Its moisture-resistant fabric provides protection against humidity. And when it’s time to go, this portable suana’s collapsible design makes it easy to transport or store.
• Experience the health benefits of FAR infrared heating in any location
• Triple-layer, polyester fabric resists moisture
• 3 ETL approved, energy-efficient, low EMF carbon fiber heating panels
• Padded, double-lined comfort collar contains heat with in the unit
• Sewn-in pockets provide storage for phones and other devices
• 5 Levels of pre-set heat temperature options with built-in thermostat
• Hand-held controller with 6 automatic timer options
• Foldable, portable chair with black metal frame and blue canvas back and seat
• Chair dimensions: 17.5-in W x 17.75-in D x 26-in H; seat height: 15-in; weight limit: 180-lbs
• Cabin dimensions: 28-in W x 33.5-in D X 38.1-in H
• Power supply – 120V / 60MHz with 6.5-ft power cord
• 900 watts provide heat up to 150 degrees F
• 1-year limited warranty


  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery
  • SOOTHES MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN – Enjoy the benefits of sauna use in a simple, portable package. FAR infrared heat permeates deep into your body, thanks to three low-EMF carbon heating panels. Each heater is precisely placed for even, steady heat.
  • 1 MINUTE SET UP – Six, easy steps convert this handy device into a personal paradise. Simply unfold the sauna, plug it in, and enjoy nourishing warmth in any location. When you’re finished, this space-saving, personal sauna easily contracts for storage.
  • RELAX ANYWHERE – This portable sauna is easy to take on the go. A collapsible design conveniently folds for transport or storage. Its moisture-resistant fabric allows for outdoor use, making it a perfect addition to your deck or campsite.
  • CANVAS SEATING – Foldable chairs are included with this feature-rich sauna. It also comes with a comfortable collar, sewn-in pockets for books or devices, a relaxing foot pad, and a convenient, hand-held control.
  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY – Your sauna comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we’ll work tirelessly until you’re satisfied with your sauna.


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