Sour Cream Starter Culture – For Home Made Preparation- pack of 3 sachets


Contains: 3 foil-packets of culture (1 gram each for 1 liter milk product). Preparation steps: Take cream and boil it. Cool it down to 30° – 32 ° C. Add 1 g of dry culture for 1 liter of cream and stir very well /use electric mixer or egg beater/. Pour the mixture into a flask and leave for 12 – 14 hours by keeping the temperature at the same level of 30° – 32° C. Readiness of the product is determined to taste and consistency (should be moderately dense). The finished product can be mixed. Pour into a storage container. Store in a refrigerator (+2° +6 º C) up to 72 hours. In case you use yogurt maker follow the applied instructions.


  • Sour cream produced by the fermentation of Cream /Russian – сливки/ – milk product obtained from whole milk by separating the fat fraction. For consumption in the fresh cream placed on the market, usually pasteurized containing fat 10-20% (normal) and 35% (heavy) , containing lactic acid bacteria and lactic streptococci.
  • It contains a sufficient amount of vitamins A, D, K, B, C ,niacin PP, as well as valuable minerals for our body – cobalt, calcium, copper, manganese and molybdenum in cream four times less cholesterol than butter.
  • Sour cream with a fat content of up to 15 percent better is “alive.” It is used in dietary diseases of the digestive system, include a diet with a decrease in sexual function and dystonia. Sour cream with a fat content of 20-25 percent is called the “dining room” and is most often used for sauces. Sour cream , as well as other dairy products, very good for skin regeneration and strengthens bones.


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