What Can I Eat Now: 30 Days on the GAPS Intro Diet



What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet is your full color day-by-day guidebook, complete with over 100 delicious and nourishing recipes, to the 6 progressively healing and restoring stages of the GAPS Intro diet.

Anyone can start getting relief from chronic conditions caused by leaky gut with this book because it gives you step-by-step meal-by-meal instructions and takes all the guesswork out of the incredibly effective GAPS protocol for you so that you get the healing you deserve. Notes, recipes, and directions guide you daily with helpful recipes and encouragement.

100+ recipes for each stage of the GAPS introduction diet including:

  • Healing meats that are fork-tender and a treat to eat, even on the first stage.
  • Creamy vegetables for every stage, without using dairy.
  • Soups, soups, soups, in many varieties, for accelerated healing.
  • Easy craveable ferments to populate the gut with good bacteria, add enzymes to meals, and give a pop of bright color.
  • Over a dozen juicing recipes for easily absorbable nutrients to detoxify and provide vitamins and minerals from plants, without irritating your brand new repaired gut lining.
  • Nutbutter ‘breads’ and pancakes made with activated nuts to prevent digestive distress and eliminate bitterness.
  • Beginning dairy recipes once you are ready for ghee and yogurt.

Is the GAPS Diet right for you?

Do you find your digestion is off, seemingly randomly, no matter what you eat?

Do you or someone you love have other signs of leaky gut such as food intolerances, mild food allergies, eczema, mysterious skin conditions, or even psychiatric conditions like anxiety, depression, or autism?

Did you know all of those maladies are related?

The GAPS Diet is an amazing gut-healing protocol that works to heal the digestive tract and rebalance the gut flora so that your digestive system is restored to it’s original healthy state to work with and support your body’s immune system, feel-good hormones, and ability to truly get all the nutrition out of the food you eat.

Maybe you have heard of the GAPS Diet, and you might be in the same boat that I was…

Yes. I was overwhelmed with the GAPS diet too! … But our family has found so much help by using the GAPS diet for autism, eczema, food allergies, ADD, and more that I knew I wanted to help others with this intensely healing protocol.

I made this helpful guide for anyone who is overwhelmed with the GAPS Intro and needed a little more hand-holding to get started. Checklists keep you on track, recipes give you fresh ideas for what you can eat when, and detailed instructions help even those who are very new to cooking cook this delicious nourishing food with confidence.

Why do you need this book?

* You want simple and straightforward instructions that won’t have you searching through books and trying to figure out what comes next.

* You feel like you would benefit from the GAPS Introduction Diet but don’ t know how to start.

I know what it’s like and I’m here to help you every step of the way through this book.

Read what others are saying:

Hello Cara, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the GAPS Intro e-book! Today is day 13 for my sons and me (2 1/2 and 7yo) and I think we are turning the corner for the better with my 7 year old, who is on the autism spectrum. Your e-book is exactly what I have needed for preparation, encouragement, hope, options, helpful hints, etc. It is an answer to my prayers.

Use solid nutrition and your body’s own wisdom to heal with the GAPS Intro diet and this guidebook.

Looking for the printable ebook version? It’s on my website under Ebooks and Classes – HEALTHHOMEANDHAPPINESS.COM


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