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Restoring Healthy Gut Flora Reverses Diseases and Infertility with Dr. Natasha McBride

Dr. Natasha’s first child was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. The medical world had nothing to offer. She took it upon herself to go back to school and learn everything she could about nutrition to help her child. At age 20 he is no longer autistic and is a thriving self sufficient young man. In the years since she has helped tens of thousands of families with her GAPS protocol. What started as a passion and drive to help her son and all the other families with autistic children became much more far reaching. She discovered that through healing the gut any psychological and physiological condition could be healed irregardless of what the medical world had to say. She has seen evidence of this in people all around the world.

She explains that gut flora imbalances are a leading cause of infertility along with the mainstream propaganda that led to the low fat dietary movement. Poor gut health leads to hormone imbalances and endocrine disorders and a myriad of health problems that affect the ability to conceive, lead to multiple miscarriages and health problems in children. As disparaging as this news is, Dr. Natasha guides you to restoring your gut “seal and heal” which is where the body can heal. She also emphasizes the critical importance of doing this before trying to conceive to protect your child from needless suffering as the mother (it’s been shown) passes on her gut flora to her child which sets them up for good or poor health.

About Episode Guest

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is a medical doctor with two postgraduate degrees: Master of Medical Sciences in Neurology and Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition.

She graduated as a medical doctor in Russia. After practising for five years as a Neurologist and three years as a Neurosurgeon she started a family and moved to the UK, where she got her second postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition. She practices in the UK as a nutritionist and not as a medical doctor.

She is well known for developing a concept of GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome), which she described in her book Gut And Psychology Syndrome – Natural Treatment for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia, now in its second edition. Thousands of people around the world follow the highly successful GAPS Nutritional Protocol to help themselves and their families.

You can learn more about Dr. Natasha at her website and by following her on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

In her clinic Dr. Campbell-McBride works as a nutritional consultant with many patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke and other complications of atherosclerosis. She has become acutely aware of the existing confusion about nutrition and these conditions, which spurred an intensive study into this subject. The result of this study was her book Put Your Heart In Your Mouth! – What Really Is Heart Disease And What We Can Do To Prevent And Even Reverse It.

Dr. Campbell-McBride is a keynote speaker at many professional conferences and seminars around the world. She frequently gives talks to health practitioners, patient groups and associations. She is also a Member of The Society of Authors, The British Society for Ecological Medicine, and is a Director on the Advisory Board of The Weston A Price Foundation. She has contributed to many books on nutrition and is a regular contributing health editor to a number of magazines and newsletters.


Interview With Natasha McBride – Episode Highlights

3:10 How did the birth of Natasha’s son prompt her to quit practicing Neurology and return to school to study nutrition?

11:26 Yet unknown cause of many cases of interstitial cystitis. Lab tests can not detect it.

13:30 Discussing the real culprit behind thyroid and hormonal disorders.

17:08 Steps necessary to stop a toxic gut from harming your hormonal health and overall health and well being.

19:04 What’s the best way to assess the health of your gut?

23:02 Autism by 2025 is expected to affect 50% of children. Gut flora is the major cause. GAPS offers a real solution.

24:10 The body uses pregnancy as a way of cleaning  out toxins by dumping them into the fetus. What to do to prevent this.

27:42 Why we absolutely must properly plan and clean up ourselves and our environment before conceiving.

28:45 Every physical and mental illness is curable if you can heal the gut.

33:26 What can we do to prevent alzheimer’s.

34:10 Why Cholesterol is one of the most essential elements in t